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About Us

Minnesota Ice Picks is the last “Made in the USA” ice pick manufacturer, making it the preferred brand for consumers, industrial and hardware distributors.
Our current product line consists of a Household Ice Pick, Professional Ice Pick, and a Professional Ice Pick with Crusher. We also carry an Ice Chipper and NACK replacement cartridges. As of December 2016, the Minnesota Ice Picks line is produced and carried by W.H. Bagshaw Company in Nashua, NH which has been providing the ice pick blades all along!


1864 – David Goodell invented and patented the “lightning apple parer” in nearby Antrim, New Hampshire, where the Goodell Tool Company reportedly sold 24,000 units in 3 weeks!
1875 – Goodell Company was formed.
1888 – David Goodell was elected the 42nd Governor of NH.
2006 – Minnesota Ice Picks is established as Rick Garon acquired Goodell Tool Company.
2016 – W.H. Bagshaw Company, the oldest pin manufacturers in America purchased Minnesota Ice Picks and added the new product line into their existing offering of pins, pin assemblies and precision turned parts.

About W.H. Bagshaw Company

Since 1870, led by five generations of Bagshaws, W.H. Bagshaw Company has been a major domestic and international supplier of all types of pins and pin assemblies. With the same entrepreneurial spirit of founding father Walter H. Bagshaw, the company has continued to evolve its processes and products under the direction of Aaron and Adria Bagshaw. For over three decades, they have supplied the metal picks to Goodell Tool and then Minnesota Ice Picks who handled the assembly, packaging, marketing and fulfillment of various ice picks. With Minnesota Ice Picks’ owner, Rick Garon retiring, having W.H. Bagshaw Company purchase the ice pick business was a logical evolution. Mr. Garon established Minnesota Ice Picks in 2006.
While W.H. Bagshaw Company is best known as a “job shop” making pins to customer specifications, there have been times over their rich history where they have marketed their own products directly, as with the Bagshaw Brilliantone phonograph needles. The company is often recognized for its brand and marketing, and ability to evolve its offering.